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My Story


Kim King Ceo-Founder

My entry into the elite world of beauty and hair began in 2013, when I  noticed my hair thinning. I was struggling with in-between hair maintenance and  completely unsure of a solution. I wanted to achieve a natural look that would increase my confidence and regain the spark I felt like was missing. After a talk with my dermatologist, we came to the conclusion that my hair thinning is not a medical issue, but rather a result of improper sew-ins. 


Understanding the sensitivity and integrity of our hair is so important to our hair journey. In 2014, after a year of in-depth research, consultations and my own personal experience I launched Posh Luxury Brand. When I created Posh Luxury, I was dedicated to providing more women like me with the option of having access to luxurious yet affordable extensions. I teamed up with the best local stylist to ensure that my decisions and products were educated and personalized to you! After a successful two years in business, my daughter Taylor came to join in on the fun. With her fresh ideas, we took Posh Luxury to the next level. By adding high-pigment lipstick and 3D mink lashes, I wanted my Posh Girls to feel confident in serving the  complete look.


Fast forward to today, I am so  honored to have influenced so many women through my brand. The ability to help other women who shared a similar experience as myself has been so inspirational for the Posh Luxury journey. Together, as Posh Dolls, we are continuing to expand a community of beautiful women with luxurious enhancements.





Hair extensions are ideal for people experiencing overall hair loss, rather than hair loss in several specific areas.  The most common types of extensions we offer for hair loss are: Wig Closures, Frontals & Hair Extensions!



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