My Story

In 2013, I noticed my hair was thinning in certain areas.  How at the age of 32? After speaking with several friends and clients, I understood that many women were suffering from the same issues and didn't know of any alternatives to assist them. I also had to admit I struggled with what to do in-between hair appointments. Have you ever tried to do your own hair and lack skills? Ok, no need to get into that further :). After visiting my local dermatologist, although not medical related, it was due to improper sewin installations by stylists and them not understanding the integrity of my hair.

After numerous conversations, I furthermore understood the depth of the issue and the impact it could cause in inner confidence. So, in 2014, I launched Posh  Luxury Brand, an elevated approach offering quality and luxury extensions that have even better longevity with proper care. A clear understanding showed challenges with finding solutions to achieve a more natural look and to help assist with combating additional progressive breakage. 

PLB teamed up with local stylists who offer a consultative and educational approach to the installation process and maintaining protective styles. In 2016 my daughter, Taylor, thought adding more beauty products would bring PLB to another level for our Posh Dolls. Why not add high-pigmented lipstick that stays for hours? In addition, I decided to offer 3-D mink lashes to add a pop for your girl's night and/or corporate meetings while trying to maintain a natural enhancement.  Making PLB a one-stop-shop for beauty. To date, the PLB Brand team has helped hundreds of women to focus on those enhancements regardless of needing it for medically related hair loss or not. PLB provides luxury items that remind us of the beautiful women we are!

Kim King Ceo-Founder


Hair extensions are ideal for people experiencing overall hair loss, rather than hair loss in several specific areas.  The most common types of extensions we offer for hair loss are: Wig Closures, Frontals & Hair Extensions!