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About Us

Founded in 2014, Posh Luxury Brand is committed to providing our customers with luxury enhancements. Our 100% virgin hair is only the beginning  of what we have to offer you, our 3D Mink Lashes, cruelty-free lipsticks and our newly added Posh accessories are here to help you complete your Posh look! Built on the mission of helping every woman feel confident and beautiful, Posh Luxury loves making your glam routine simple and easy. With international shipping, exceptional customer service, and full transparency with our consultation process, we’re committed to giving you the ultimate package.

Thank you for joining the Posh Luxury Brand and welcome to the Posh Dolls Community!



Virgin Hair

Achieve longer and fuller hair with Posh Luxury Hair Extensions. This 100%  Virgin Hair gives you a visibly soft and voluminous look. With our natural-looking extensions you can give your hair the body and versatility  you have been searching for. 


We recommend 2 bundles for standard installs using up to 16”, 3 bundles for installations using 18-24” and 4 bundles installed using 26” extensions. For our wavy and curly bundles, we recommend ordering 2-inches longer than your desired length. 



Closures are delicate and each hair strand is hand-inserted into the lace closure and knotted carefully. With washing and daily styling, those knots can sometimes loosen and the hair can fall from the pores, leading to thinning or even balding. Sealing your closure will secure the knots inside the lace.


Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Introducing our best selling Matte Liquid Lipstick. With a bright and bold intensity, our lipstick has a higher pigment than any other lipstick in your makeup bag. Ranging from our vibrant orange shade, La Rosita, to our deepest chocolate, Melanin, we offer a range of colors created especially for every shade! Our liquid lipstick goes on smooth, dries completely matte and stays on for hours. Plus, this super hydrating finishing will have you feeling "luxuriously posh" all day and night.


Do you want to be able to go from the middle part to side part, and put your hair in a cute half up/half down style while having your edges laid? Well, our POSH Lace Frontals are truly undetectable and appear as if the hair was coming directly from your scalp. 


Our 13 x 4 frontals - running from temple to temple covering the entire hairline - are high in quality, produced with baby hair at the very edge to create a natural hairline. We offer the lowest rate on the market.


3D Lashes

Posh Luxury Lashes are the perfect way to compliment your everyday look, or spice up a night out! Our 3D Mink Lashes add just enough subtle lift, length and volume on our lashes to enhance your eyes, making them a daily option with a quick and easy application.

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